Xfire 2.0 Alpha

Endlich tut sich auch was sichtbares in der Entwicklung von Xfire, denn jahrelang hat man das Gefühl gehabt das nur noch neue Spiele hinzufügt werden und mehr nicht.  Nun ist ein Video Veröffentlicht worden mit ein paar überarbeiteten Funktionen:

Zitat aus dem xfire Forum

  • Familiar for existing users. Most current features will be supported, with key functionality brought into the forefront. We’ve added the much requested games tab, where you can quickly see what your friends are playing and launch a game.
  • Easier to use. Key features are more intuitive and accessible which makes it easier for you to use. Information is no longer tabular requiring you to resize columns and/or the client to find what you’re looking for. Instead, information has been organized into tiles formatted to best deliver the most relevant information to you – be it text, thumbnails, box art, or avatars.
  • Thinner. The tiles eliminate the need for the side drawer allowing the client to retain its utility and usability while maintaining a thinner profile.
  • Ubiquitous. With Xfire 2.0, the Xfire In-Game overlay (XIG) will be reworked based on the kind of game you are playing. For point and click games like WoW or LoL, XIG has been designed to be an ever present addition to the game’s HUD. You can move it wherever you like. For Mouse Look games, like FPSs, XIG will be hidden until called up with a hot key.
  • Consistent. The UI is now as consistent as possible, both in and out of the game. We’ve broken this rule when it made sense; but generally speaking, unless it negatively impacts your game’s performance, everything you can do out of the game, can be done in the game.
  • Evolving more quickly. We’ve made a split between back end core functionality the front end UI elements making updates easier and faster, while also opening up the possibility of mods/add-ons from the users within the Xfire community.

Die ganzen Jahre war das Xfire Team nicht untätig, es worden Massen von alten Daten überarbeitet, damit eine weiter Entwicklung überhaupt möglich ist. Wer an der kommenden Geschlossenen Beta 2.0 teilnehmen möchte sollte dieser Gruppe http://www.xfire.com/clans/xfbt/ beitreten solange diese noch für jeden offen ist.

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